Finding Your Passion

Finding Your Passion

I’m sure you have heard people say they want to find their passion.
While that sounds wonderful, but actually following what you are passionate about can be elusive.

We never know how we can touch someone’s life in a positive way or the full potential of what can happen when we enter into a healing session.

A just had a recent session with my client Carol and the craziest thing happened.

She felt like something had been holding her back in life, but she didn’t know what.

I received a feeling and image of exactly what she needed to do.

As I was working on unwinding her energies and releasing the blockages that were holding her back, it was suddenly clear to Carol what she needed to do to move forward.

I closed the session by balancing all of her energy systems to bring body, mind and spirit into alignment with her new state of being.

A few weeks after this session I received an email from her that she has never felt happier or more content in life.

During the session Carol kept seeing an image of a house she passes going to work and hoped one day to own her own home.

Included in this email was a picture of her standing in front of the exact home she passed daily, only now her vision was reality. She would soon be the new owner.

Finding and following a passion can be life changing and profoundly healing.

You may be living your passion now or it may be just under the surface waiting to be awakened. 

Wherever you are on your journey, I would love to be a part of what lies ahead for your true passion.

The benefits of what can happen during a session are limitless.

Just like the picture shows, anything can be your passion. 

It could be cooking, singing, baking or rescuing animals.

Follow it and uncover the possibilities.


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