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Energyworks for wellness
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 by Cassie
Mary is so gifted!

I had an afterlife session with Mary when my beloved boy, Prince, passed away. I didn't know what to expect but it was an incredible experience. The messages she delivered were known only to me and my dog. There was no doubt that Prince shared his life experiences with Mary as no one else would know the things Mary told me. She is such a blessing, and I am so grateful for this peace and comfort for my broken heart.

 by gg

My Session with Mary was so healing. The messages that came through were accurate and worth every penny.

 by Angela

Mary you are Some Kind Of Wonderful!

“Mary is one of the very few that I trust for energy work and animal communication for me and my companion animals.
Mary is truly gifted.”
Karen Anderson
Pet loss Specialist & Animal Communicator

“Some people choose energy work, but others are chosen.
Mary is chosen. She is open and intuitive which is a perfect combination for a healer and animal communicator.
She honors her gifts, and in doing so we all benefit greatly.”
~ Janet Sharp

“Anyone who works with Mary will feel safe, deeply heard, and definitely enriched by the experience.”
~ Marjorie Fein LMT, EEM-AP

“Mary’s help comes to me at a critical time with warmth, insight and humility. She holds a door open to true and lasting healing. Thank you Mary”
~ Steve W

“Mary has increased my daily energy and reduce my need to take energy supplements.
My flexibility has significantly improved.”
~ Jeff Q

“I found Mary two months after I was diagnosed with cancer. Our weekly sessions help me tremendously and taught me a daily energy routine that I can do myself in-between our sessions.”
~ J.D

“I had shoulder pain that Mary worked on and after a session my golf game improved and my swing is much smoother.”
~ Emily R.

“Having an energy session with Mary is one of the most relaxing and grounding experiences
I have ever had. Mary is the path toward healing.”
~ Darah S

“I felt balanced and calm after each session and sleeping through the night which I’ve been struggling with for years.”
~ Chris T

“Our cat Ollie. very lethargic and sad since the loss of his brother Jack. He wasn’t eating or even interacting with us.
After our session with him he was back to his usual behavior and the animal communication messages that came through from Jack were a bonus.”
~ Josie T

“Truly AMAZING is the only way I can describe my Energy sessions with Mary. The incredible results have left me in awe. I’m so grateful for Mary’s compassion, knowledge and wisdom.”
~ Trish

“I was feeling very angry, stuck and depressed, but after my sessions I felt hopeful, positive and empowered. Mary is incredible at what she does. She truly cares with such love and compassion.”
~ LK

“I have loved my sessions with Mary! She is warm and welcoming, and I felt comfortable speaking with her before and after our energy work sessions. The effects of her healing are grounding, refreshing, and long lasting. She suggested multiple exercises to practice at home, which has helped deepen my awareness and trust in myself. I look forward to working with her again.”

“My 17-year-old horse, Beau, had developed a head tilt that seemed to be getting worse. Mary discovered major energy blocks of his head and neck and released them. Months later, the head tilt has not returned and the vet was amazed. It has been months since that session and Beau is doing great, he has no head tilt,
plus he has calmed down dramatically.”
~ Mary T. McFarlin

“Thank you, Mary Sassone!
Your energy healing gift is a treasure!”
~ Mary T

“Mary worked on my dogs, Zoey and Lily and I am so grateful I found her when they needed her the most.”
~ Alyson

“My dog Louie was experiencing seizures and would become restless and disoriented.
The vet kept increasing his medication with little results.
After some weekly sessions, the seizures were less severe and less frequent.
We were able to significantly reduce his medication. His quality of life is so much better.
I found Mary through a friend, and I am so glad I did.”
~ David F


Mary inspires and empowers me
with every session.
Bridget S.
In The Spotlight
with Host Karen Anderson


Most frequently asked questions.

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine combines concepts and procedures from ancient healing and spiritual traditions with contemporary scientific comprehension of health and healing.

Understanding energy anatomy, energetic communication and processes in terms of flow, balance and how they interact determine much about our health, happiness and wellbeing.

What is Energy Healing?

It is a gentle hands-on approach to healing assisting us in achieving optimum wellness.

We recognize energy as a vital living moving force.

The body can heal by activating its natural healing abilities and restoring energies and systems that have become weak, disturbed or out of balance.

Our energy systems are there to support us and utilizing a whole-body perspective that focuses on body, mind, soul and emotional healing.

What to Expect in a Session


Animal Communication sessions are by phone

Your pet’s energy will be present during the session

Recorded so you won’t miss any messages

I work from a photo and open a space for messages to flow

Expect detailed and healing afterlife messages from your pet from their perspective.


In-person clients relax comfortably on a massage table fully clothed.

Remote clients rest comfortably at home on a bed, sofa or in a reclining position.

Sessions are highly vibrational and equally effective whether in person or remote.

Pet energy healing sessions are all done remotely as I work from a photo.

Your pet does not need to be on Zoom or Facetime and you can choose if you would like to be present during their session.

All energy healing sessions are offered through Zoom, Facetime or phone.

How Will I Feel During and After an Energy Healing Session?

Most people say they feel completely grounded in their body, and they have never felt so relaxed and safe.

It has been described as a deep sense of calm, a coming home to yourself and being like Reiki on steroids.

The modalities I use in all of my sessions are a blending from all of my certifications, trainings, teachings, gifts and communications through spirit of Abbraci Deglidio

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