I’m a devoted mom, golf enthusiast & tea drinker.

            I love my family, nature and all animals.

              I stand in my truth as a peace-seeker.

How a Divine Message Brought You Here…

I’ve always had the ability to feel and sense energy.

Ever since I can remember I have been an empath which simply means I can sense and feel your energy as if it were my own.

Can you believe this all started in a hair salon?

I was a professional hair stylist for 30 years and that is exactly how I realized I was helping people energetically.

Once I was able to open up to my client’s energy these amazing transformations started happening and my clients became more confident, they felt better, they looked better, and big shifts started happening.

I began conducting energy healing sessions on myself...

By conquering my own health challenges, I’ve discovered my true purpose to serve others.

I was so amazed at the results, I started conducting energy work on everyone and everything I could, including my dog, my plants, and my loved ones.

I received help from an incredibly powerful spiritual team I began to recognize as Ascended Masters, Archangels, Saints and Special Healing Guides.

This team continues to help and guide me in all of my healing work.

That close connection with my Spirit Guides is what brought you here today.

Energy work is my passion and calling in this lifetime…

It is my commitment to help and empower others with a natural approach to healing.

I’ve embraced this calling and continued my healing journey where I completed my certification as an Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner.

These life changing experiences propelled me onto this path and I continue to advance my skills.

Energy Medicine combines the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being for the soul, the body and the light force of who we all are.

It is a complete system that will forever activate the natural healing abilities within you and your pets.

Ease Into Each Day With Radiance

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Reiki Master  

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Energy Psychology

Intuitive Energy Healing


    I've trained and certified with Donna Eden

    The most well-known pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine.

    She is an author, lecturer, and teacher of Energy Medicine. Donna is one of the most intuitive, radiant, and sought-after healers


    I miss him so much

    My Angel, Rocco

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