Terms of Service

By scheduling a session Client agrees to the following:
I, the Client, understand that the Energy Healing sessions I receive are provided to balance and harmonize my body’s energies. 
I understand that Mary Sassone and EnergyWorks For Wellness does not diagnose or treat physical, emotional, or mental health illness, nor does she prescribe medications.
If I experience any pain or discomfort during a session, I will immediately contact my primary health professionals.
I understand that Energy Healing should not be construed as a substitute for needed medical attention, examination, or treatment. It is recommended that I see a licensed medical professional for any physical or mental ailment.
Human Sessions:
Clients remain fully clothed, and I recommend wearing comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.
Kindly refrain from wearing any perfumes, colognes, or scented products to your IN-PERSON session.
Any material or exercises recommended are for the purpose of enrichment.
For Pet Sessions:
Your pet does not need to be in the room. Let them do what they naturally do. I work from a photo and do not need to see them. The energy healing will be just as effective whether or not you are on the phone with me or on Zoom or FaceTime.
Animal Communication Sessions:
I stand behind my work. If at anytime during the first 10 minutes of your session you are not satisfied inform me and I will immediately terminate the session for a full refund, minus a $39 administration fee
If the session goes beyond 10 minutes, there will be no refunds no exceptions.

All information obtained on the intake form and through our sessions will remain confidential and are housed on an encrypted secure site with SQUARESPACE.
Your name on the intake form authorizes your consent to receive Energy Healing and Animal Communication sessions.
Your printed name on the intake form serves as your legal signature.
Cancellation Policy
No refunds less than 72 hours prior to appointment.

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